My favourite healthy(ish) snacks

Good afternoon!

Happy hump day, I hope that you are all having a lovely week in this warm weather. I’m here today to talk to you about snacks.

One of the good things about working in an office (pre March) was the endless supply of chocolate digestives, Percy Pigs and those party sized mini rolls/flapjacks/rice crispies treats from M&S. That said, when faced with sweet treats, I. Cannot. Help. Myself. I will go and chat to my colleague who sits at the snack desk and gorge myself which isn’t ideal.

At home we are not biscuit buyers, the reason for this is that we are all like that so it’s best to just not have them in the house. While working from home during lockdown, I have done quite well sticking to my breakfast, lunch and dinner but sometimes you just need a snack and today I am going to show you what I go for.

Most of these are to satisfy my insatiable sweet tooth but I have added in some savoury favourites incase that is more your bag. All of these snacks are vegan, gluten free and extremely delicious.

Coconut Collaborative pots

I am a big fan of Coconut Collaborative, the delicious brand that switches dairy for coconut and always brings something good to the table. I always have coconut yoghurt in my fridge for smoothies, dips and curries and I like their blueberry yoghurts but these pudding pots are their crowning glory.

They are quite small but they are enough to quench a craving and leave me feeling satisfied. The bannoffee pot is all of the good bits of bannoffee pie without the actual pie bit, I love it! I think my favourite is the salted caramel chocolate pot, they are beyond delicious, full of flavour and I just love me some salted caramel.

They come in packs of four and are quite expensive but they are on offer quite a lot in Sainbury’s so I always look out for that.

Rocket lollies

I am very grateful that my freezer has been stocked with these all summer, they are my go to when I’m looking for a sweet treat. I love the flavours, they’re really reasonable and refreshing. I know a lot of you would disagree but I think these are way better than fruit pastilles lollies.

Jealous Sweets Love Bears

I bought these en route to the cinema on a whim a couple of years ago and fell in love with them. Pineapple flavoured gummy bears have always been my favourite and they go really well with the grapefruit flavour. Even though they are sugar free, they have a nice sweet but not saccharine flavour and don’t leave your teeth feeling laced with sugar.

I was very chuffed to find that you can buy these in bulk so they are always within reach.

Metcalfe’s Popcorn

Metcalfe’s sweet and salted popcorn is always in our food cupboard, for me it is the perfect way to round off the lunch hour. I love the grab bags as the portion is decent and I think that they have the best sweet to salted ratio (65/35) than other brands.

Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are great to have in the cupboard, they are a fine addition to plenty of sauces and smoothies but they are also perfect for grabbing a handful when you need a little boost. I don’t need to preach about the benefits of unsalted cashews but I’ll say that I’m glad they are delicious as well as healthy.

Eat Real Quinoa chips

I mean, obviously. Since popping up in shops they have become my crisp of choice. I love that they have a quaver like texture but with much better flavours (no offence to Quavers, I love you too). I think I like all of the flavours with a special mention to sundried tomato and garlic and sour cream and chives.

For me though, sweet chilli quinoa chips are the perfect savoury snack, I have accidentally eaten a sharing bag in one sitting on more than one occasion and I regret nothing, I just love them. (I have also just seen on their website that they have a paprika flavour so if you need me I’ll be hunting them down).

I am also partial to the dill flavoured lentil chips from Eat Real.

What are your favourite snacks? Let me know in the comments if there is anything you love or would suggest.

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