Beauty Pie favourites – 2020 edition

Happy weekend people. I for one am very happy that we have an extra day of leisure this week and I intend to spend it reading, skincaring and enjoying the last days of summer before I embrace that ‘back to school’ feeling.

Last year I posted about my favourite Beauty Pie products and I think it’s time for an update because there is no end to their quality list of products. This list in no way negates my old list as I am still using those on the regular, these are all in addition. It is still such a treat receiving one of these pink, goody filled boxes in the post. Let’s start with the face.

Qi Energy Breathable Moisture Ginseng Sleep Mask

I was very curious to try this overnight mask, I’d seen so many good reviews for it so one month I decided to take the plunge and I am so glad that I did. I use this mask a few nights a week and wake up with bright, hydrated skin and it has quickly entered my top three masks on rotation.

Qi Energy contain ginseng root which energises skin, vita gly-ginger which helps to detox and squalane which protects skin amongst an array of other hero ingredients.

This mask has such a lovely texture, it’s lightweight, absorbent and leaves a lovely fresh look. It smells really fresh and a little bit goes a long way so it lasts for ages. I like to use this mask with tanning drops because the mask sinks in so beautifully.

Feather Light UVA/UVB SPF 50 Sunscreen and Primer

This is a product that I had been waiting for for a long time from Beauty Pie. As a ginger I am always in the market for a good factor 50 for my face and I am so glad that I got an order in before it sold out. (A restock is expected in early September.)

This sun cream is really lightweight and doesn’t leave a white cast after application. It isn’t sticky and doesn’t clog pores at all, so far so good, right?

As well as protecting skin really well, this product contains chromophores which help fight inflammation and sun damage and vitis vita grape extract which aids skin detoxification and rehydration.

This sun cream leaves skin primed for the day and goes on really well over skincare products and sits nicely under the limited make up that I wear.

Superactive Capsules Essential Ceramides +

If you read my previous Beauty Pie post, you will know how much I love their Vitamin C capsules. These ceramide capsules were released last year and they are divine! The capsules hold the perfect amount of product and leave my skin feeling so soft and nourished and looking really dewy.

Ceramides protect the skins barrier and boost the production of fatty acids and ceramides which are great for anti ageing. The ceramides that are found in skin are often diminished by pollution and sun damage, continued use of these capsules leave your skin looking plump and dewy.

Fruitzyme Five Minute Facial

This is a product that I repurchase every time I run out, it is one of my go to’s when my skin is feeling a little dull or lacklustre. It does so well to smoothe and purify the face and is so full of hero ingredients including glycolic acid, pomegranate enzymes and salicylic acid which leave skin soft, bright, exfoliated and completely invigorated.

I use this mask at least once a week and maybe more when needed, this scrub is a great refresher and the texture isn’t too abrasive so it won’t agitate skin.

Super Healthy Skin Deluxe Moisture Body Creme

This is a new addition to my collection but my god, it is addictive. I love everything about this body cream, it is intensely nourishing and hydrating but is still a really lightweight texture. My skin feels so smooth and hydrated and the lightweight texture means that it is absorbed really quickly.

It smells really luxe and is enriched with hibiscus flower, shea butter and orange essential oil, tangerine and geranium.

LOVE Perfume

Not to be a total cliche but I love this perfume so much. It’s modern, fresh, kind of floral and wouldn’t be out of place at the Byredo counter. This perfume is so reasonable and is so long lasting, the scent goes a long way and lingers on the skin which is perfect for a daytime perfume.

This perfume is so dreamy and smells great year round, I would heartily recommend it.


What are your favourite Beauty Pie products? Let me know in the comments or over on Instagram.

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