What I loved in May

So we’ve survived another month of 2020 and there might be some light at the end of this pandemic.

Like always, but especially during this time, I have made a point of surrounding myself with things that make my life more easy, happy and healthy.

This month I have been especially grateful for a paste that makes food taste better, some useful skincare and a beanbag for your eyes which is useful for many things.

See below for my favourite things from May:

COSRX Shield Fit Snail Essence Sun SPF 50+++

This sunscreen is one of the best that I have used, I always wear factor 50 on my face and I love snail mucin so for me this is a match made in heaven.

Snail mucin is a great ingredient, it has healing properties which calm and soothe, especially after a breakout and it contains B5 which hydrates and plumps your face. After using this sunscreen for a week my face was bright, dewy and very well protected. I also love how lightweight this product is, it feels like a seriously luxe day cream which is pretty decent for a £16 product.

Linen Hot & Cold Eye Pillow

This wheat pillow is perfect for soundbaths and yin yoga which is how mostly use it, I spray something relaxing onto it and use it as a weighted blanket for my eyes and it works absolute wonders for my relaxation levels.

This pillow linen case which is non irritating, soft and pretty, and within this case is a wheat bag that can be put into the freezer, microwave or oven to change the temperature. Putting the bag in the freezer is good for injuries and hangovers and heating the bag up is said to work wonders for migraines as well.

Taste #5 Umami Bomb

This paste is made with anchovies, olives, porcini mushrooms, Parmigiano cheese and tomatoes and it is glorious. This paste adds so much depth to any pasta dish, especially with seafood, one squeeze of this can completely transform a meal.

I love this brand in general, I have talked before about how much I love the tomato paste and this is no different. It can enhance so many meals, even a dash on bruschetta completely elevates the dish. There is a vegetarian option also which I haven’t tried but I’m sure is also glorious. The link above suggests some great uses and recipes for this.

Pure Ceramide Elastic Boost Eye Moisture Serum

Beauty Pie have done it again with this eye cream, it is gorgeous. Ceramides are fats that keep your skin well moisturised, fresh and looking lovely and plump so it makes perfect sense to use this wonder ingredient around your eyes to lessen the appearance of dark circle and bags. With a rollerball applicator, you are able to reduce puffiness and give your eyes a mini massage at the same time. I haven’t really managed to find a go to eye cream but the results from this so far have been promising.

What are you loving right now? Let me know in the comments or over on Instagram.

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