What I loved in April

So it seems like April flew past in a minute and despite everything, it wasn’t too bad. In April I turned thirty, finished The Sopranos, made some delicious meals for myself and massaged my face everyday.

I really ramped up the self care last month, this varied from taking a long bath, yin yoga in the garden and reading things that make me laugh – I found my Georgia Nicholson books in the attic and I still laugh out loud. Here are three things that I loved in April and will be enjoying for many moons.

Dynasty – Boy Smells

My love for candles isn’t exactly a secret and this might be one of my favourites. Dynasty by Boy Smells comes from their Chromesthesia series and is set in a beautiful bright, matte blue tumbler. I usually prefer candles that contain only one note but Boy Smells always create gorgeous, playful scents that fill a room and Dynasty smells like summer at the seaside, it is floral yet salty with notes of rhubarb, tulip, pink peppercorns, woods and cyclamen.

Boy Smells candles last for around 60 hours and are poured with natural coconut and beeswax. They are usually around £34 which is great value for such a long burn.

Beauty Pie Soul Providers Bath & Body Oil

If you follow The Pickled Gingers on Instagram, you know that I love me some Beauty Pie and when I saw that they were going to be releasing a bath oil I was beyond excited and it  was warranted because this is a truly divine product! This is part of the Soul Providers range which is aimed at aromatherapy and relaxation and this oil is a dream. Before getting into the bath you sweep a handful of this oil all over your body so that you are covered in the product yourself and then you take a deep breath into your hands and  immerse yourself in the water.

When mixed with hot water, the scent slowly fills the room and you feel like you’re at a spa. This oil is full of essential oils including lavender, lemon, bitter orange, star anise and peppermint, argan oil, grapeseed, evening primrose as well as ashwagandha extract and vitamin E and leaves my skin soft and my senses completely relaxed.

El Rayo tequila

This tequila is a total gamechanger. I have been a big tequila fan for a long time and El Rayo is the first brand to create the drink with the sole purpose of mixing it with tonic water and it is amazing! I have been drinking the plata and it is crisp, refreshing and perfect for sipping. The creators recommend you drink this with tonic water and grapefruit and honestly, I cannot get enough. El Rayo make 100% agave tequila, the reposado has notes of caramel and the plata is enriched with pineapple, pepper and floral notes.

The bottle itself looks amazing front and centre of any drinks cabinet. It’s quite pricey but completely worth it in my eyes, this is shaping up to be my drink of the summer.

What have you been loving lately? Let me know in the comments!

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