What I loved in March

So we have emerged from the first quarter of the year and let’s face it, 2020 is going to be rocky. That said, I still think that it is important to find time for the things that make us smile and add some kind of normalcy to our days, otherwise the news and cabin fever will get the best of us.

I am very lucky to be working from home which adds some sense of routine and stability to my weekdays and I have upped the ante in terms of self care with daily facial massages, Instagram sound baths and workouts. If I’m being completely honest, I’m enjoying this time indoors. I have always loved walked around outdoors and am really cherishing my daily walk in which I am incorporating as many green spaces as possible, Spring is springing and it is a treat to see.

Here are some of the things that have made March a nicer time for me:

Beauty Pie Oxygen Mask: This mask arrived last week and I absolutely adore it. I like to wear it overnight and I wake up looking bright and refreshed. This mask is formulated with activated oxygen, vitamin A and salicylic acid which clarifies and reenergises skin. You can use it as a 15 minute treatment or overnight depending on your preference.

Barry’s bootcamp Instagram live: One thing that I am really missing in this is spin class but since self isolation began, Instagram has become a one stop shop for great fitness content. So many gyms are doing live workouts and they are fantastic. Digme, Psycle and 1 Rebel are all offering a wide variety of workouts including barre, yoga, HIIT and strength. My favourite classes have definitely been from Barry’s Bootcamp who go live multiple times a day with 30 minute body weight sessions and you really work up a sweat. Each day targets a different bodygroup, I love arms and lower body, core is an absolute killer. Head over to their Instagram @barrysuk for more information.

Fake tanning drops: I’ve been adding a few tanning drops to my moisturiser lately and it feels so nice to have a bit of colour on my face and body. I use Tan Luxe light/medium tanning drops on my face and just three drops gives me such a warm glow, I absolutely love it and I enjoy at least looking like I’m spending time outside. I find that this makes the moisturiser smell a bit like yoghurt before it sinks in. On my body I use Isle of Paradise self-tanning drops in light and it gives such an even, subtle glow. These drops have a faint scent upon application but after the moisturiser has dried, it doesn’t smell at all. I love tanning drops, they’re so easy to use and last for ages.

Pointe Studio socks: These socks make my day. Who wouldn’t love seeing your feet smile back at you?! Pointe Studio make very good quality yoga and pilates grip socks which are durable, wash really and are very, very nice. I can’t wait to have a pilates class to to wear the tie die socks to.

Jasmine Hemsley soundbaths: Since we have gone into lockdown, Instagram has become such a great tool for exercise, self care and wellness rituals. Ayurvedic goddess Jasmine Hemsley has been doing weekly soundbaths on Instagram live every Saturday at 8pm. I absolutely love soundbaths and as we can’t be there in person this is the next best thing. Hemsley creates the perfect atmosphere and you only need a blanket, somewhere comfortable to lie and cosy clothes. These are absolute bliss and you emerge feeling so relaxed and happy, they are saved on IGTV as well so if you can’t make Saturday, you can do it whenever and trust me, it’s a magnificent way to spend 45 minutes.

What have you been enjoying during this time? Let me know in the comments or over on the grid.


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