What I loved in January

After what feels like the longest month in years, we have finally entered February. Yes, it is still cold and grey but the evenings are getting lighter and everyday we are that much closer to Spring.

January is a great time for a reset, people use it to reaffirm fitness goals, cut out meat or alcohol and set themselves up for the new year.

For me January is about taking time for myself, getting back into a routine after a hectic Festive period, eating well and restoring my energy.

Below are a few things that I particularly enjoyed. My favourite things from January were…


HIIT at Another_Space

This year The Pickled Gingers have decided to do a tough mudder with a couple of friends partly because it will be hilarious and partly for the mammoth challenge. Picturing this was all fun and games until I realised that I have an embarrassing lack of upper body strength.


I have talked extensively about my love of Cycle at Another_Space and last month I decided to balance out my spin classes with a lot more HIIT. I really enjoy this class, the mixture of boxing and floor work always pushes me to work harder and I feel great afterwards. On the floor I love working with the grips and TRX and on the bag I love the drills and variation between the speed, strength and explosive rounds. Classes can be found at Bank and Covent Garden.

Calm Club Foot Work

This is one of my favourite things that I received for Christmas, I had wanted it for a while and was delighted when I unwrapped it. This set comes with a pair of reflexology socks, a wooden foot tool and a pamphlet which describes the importance of our pressure points.


I use the tool about 3 times a week, it’s so easy to use after a bath or while you’re washing your face in the morning, I don’t know how to describe it other to say that when you roll your feet over it, you can feel it all over and after a few tries it is really easy to detect and focus on any niggling problem areas.

I have been interested in reflexology for a very long time and these socks are so great as they show you how each part of the foot correlates with a different part of your body. They are also my favourite colour which is a happy coincidence.

Plenaire Tripler

If you follow The PGs on Instagram, you will have seen more than one appreciation post for this clay mask from Plenaire. Tripler is a deep cleansing mask that dries and then, with warm water it becomes a foaming exfoliatior. It leaves my skin clean and bright and for a clay mask it is pretty gentle and can be used multiple times a week.



This is my first Plenaire product and it’s sure not to be my last, this up and coming brand is completely vegan and place a heavy focus on sustainability, it is also an affordable brand for the amount of product that you get. Also the packaging is delightful.

Boy Smells candle

It is no secret that I love me a scented candle. I love having a gorgeous scent drift around the house and this is my latest love. Boy Smells is a Californian brand that epitomises that laid back summer feeling. De Nimes, named after the French town, is subtle, floral with a hint of musk. There is nothing overpowering in this scent so it makes my whole house smell really fresh and ready for Spring.


This candle contains some of my favourite notes including violet, eucalyptus and ambergris which lends to it’s summery quality. This brand also excels in making extremely aesthetically pleasing products, this candle included! I love that the glass matches the blue wax with the contrast of the Millennial pink, this will definitely be repurposed once finished.

What are you loving at the moment? Let us know in the comments of over on the grid!

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