The story of my first colonic

Good afternoon,

Today I’m going to tell you the story of my first colonic irrigation. Don’t worry, I won’t be too gross but if you’re at all curious, settle in and let’s talk colons.

I have wanted to get a colonic irrigation for years so decided to make it my New Years resolution for 2019 and a couple of weeks ago my friend and I headed to The Angel Colonic & Detox Clinic to make our dreams a reality.

The Angel Colonic & Detox Clinic offers the Angel of Water colonic irrigation which is a machine that you sit/ lie on while a small pipe that has been inserted into your rectum flushes up to 12 gallons of water around your colon for 30-40 minutes. This is an alternative to a traditional colonic irrigation and is a private and more modest treatment.

Reported benefits of a colonic irrigation include a rise in energy levels, de-bloating, clearer skin and is supposed to be great if you are in anyway constipated or backed up.

Picture from @theangelclinicloughton

What to expect

When I first turned up, Genevieve explained the process to us completely, telling us all about the process and some tips for a successful colonic. Once on the machine, Genevieve came in for the first five minutes to ensure that everything was inserted properly and I understood the process of releasing the water that was flushing through my system. Genevieve is completely knowledgable about the process of colonic irrigation and the Angel of Water and happy to answer any and all questions.

At first the feeling is quite weird, inserting yourself onto the machine can be a bit daunting, the pipe needs to be inserted into your back passage a fair amount in order for this treatment to work. It took me a few minutes to get used to the feeling of filing up with water and then expelling it, Genevieve described it as ‘weeing out of your bum’ and it is completely accurate. After the first couple of times it becomes quite satisfying.

For the first few rounds, there were a lot of bubbles in the tube which was excess gas, swiftly followed by varying shapes and shades of brown which was, you guessed it, excrement.

Laying on the machine for 40 minutes was pretty comfortable, I was propped up on a big cushion and was given a towel to cover my legs. I think my favourite part of the treatment was being able to watch what was leaving my body throughout, I brought a book along but was mesmerised by this pipe and all that was running through it which sounds gross but I loved it.

How I felt afterwards

Immediately afterwards I was instructed to sit on the toilet for 5 minutes to ensure that there wasn’t any residual waste that needed to come out.

Once I was dressed and leaving, I noticed straight away that I felt completely de-bloated and had way more energy which lasted for a good few days. It also led to one of the best sleeps I’ve had this year.

Over the next couple of days I noticed my skin breaking out and then by the third day my skin was clear, even and positively glowing.


Overall, I always thought that I’d enjoy getting a colonic but I didn’t realise how much and I can’t wait to go back. So much so that I am going again next weekend for my next one.

If you have any questions, visit the website linked above. I’d love to hear about your colonic experiences in the comments or over on Instagram.


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