The wellbeing roundup 2018

Last but not least I present to you the wellbeing edit of 2018. I spent a lot of last year looking for ways to be more comfortable in my day to day life. Basically, I go to great lengths to ensure that I can relax as often and as enjoyably as possible.

This post includes exercise and a book amongst others. Scroll down to see my picks.


I started going to Another Space when they opened a branch in Bank which, luckily for me, is around the corner from my office. It was love at first Cycle and nearly a year later I am going at least twice a week. Cycle 45 is my absolute favourite workout going, the music is always great as is the variation in classes. I also try and get to HIIT 45 as often as possible, I love the mixture of boxing and floor work and always feel amazing (and sweaty) when I leave their classes.

In 2018 I rekindled my love for yin yoga and the best class I found was Candlelit Yin Yoga on Friday night in Frame Farringdon. In this 60 minute class you are able to stretch deep into your muscles and it is oh so relaxing. It is quite late but it is so worth it, I leave my work stresses and bad posture behind and sleep like a baby afterwards.

If a Yin class doesn’t fit into your calendar then you don’t have to miss out on the action. I recently got a yoga bolster from Ekotex and just 5 minutes of lying on it helps my spine and relaxation levels tenfold. There are also so many exercises you can find on google or YouTube which stretch and destress. I do this most evenings and it is a glorious way to spend 15 minutes on a Saturday morning.

Since buying Tonic by Tanita de Ruijt last January it has been my saviour through every ailment since. I have always favoured natural remedies over ibuprofen and his book teaches you how to get the best out of ingredients to heal and restore health. I am by no means a doctor but the Fevergrass Tonic cleared my sinuses within minutes and my flu was gone in days. It also has the best hangover cures that don’t involve a Parent Trap style black tar smoothie. I am beyond excited for her next book which comes out in Spring.

How do you all enjoy looking after yourselves? Let me know in the comments!

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