The body roundup 2018

Don’t worry, I’m not here to preach to you about getting your summer body regime off the ground. This is about your skin. As we all know, our skin is our largest organ and it’s always nice when it feels clean, soft and protected.

The products below are my current favourites and you’ll find me waxing lyrical about them year round.


Cleanse: I have a multiple shower gels that I like to use, including Soaper Duper, Cowshed and Dr Salts but Glossier’s Body Hero Daily Oil Wash is an oil to foam shower product that leaves skin super hydrated and smooth and doubles as a shaving gel which is just swell. The scent isn’t too overpowering which is good as it gets a lot of coverage.

Moisturise: If you know me well you’ll know that I am a total Kiehl’s groupie and have loved Creme de Corps (in all of its carnations) for years. I *think* that the Nourishing Dry Body Oil might be my favourite! I favour oil over cream in most instances and this is the same, it is a great hydrator of thirsty, sun soaked skin and leaves you feeling really soft and it soaks into the skin so much quicker than lotion so you can sit on the sofa without getting product all over it.

Protect: As a ginger, I have grown up completely afraid of getting sunburnt which led to a lifelong interest in sun-care and aftersun. Vichy’s Solar Protective Water may be my favourite SPF ever. It is extremely lightweight which is perfect after years of pore clogging sticky sun cream. There are two types, one with hyaluronic acid which moisturises skin and one with beta carotene which enhances your tan whilst protecting (which is my favourite). This will definitely be coming with me one very holiday this year!

What are your favourites?

2 thoughts on “The body roundup 2018

    1. Hey! I haven’t tried all of their products but definitely like what I’ve tried, my favourites are Boy Brow, Priming Moisturiser and this. It’s £15 which is a bit pricey for shower gel but it lasts for a long while and I think it’s really worth it.

      Yes sure thing! I love reading other blogs. X


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