The make-up roundup 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE! I hope you had a great night celebrating whether it be a chilled, and absolute tear up and everything in between. Following on from yesterday’s skincare roundup I’m going to be showing you the make up that I loved in 2018. It was a good year for me in terms of make up, I have found some amazing products that do a lot for my face with minimum effort.


On a Space NK visit I found TerryBly mascara from By Terry and it is so good! It lengthens and creates volume by the boatload and has a lovely fat brush. This mascara also feels like it is good for my eyelashes as they feel smooth afterwards and it glides off like a dream when removed. It is quite pricey by definitely worth it.

What is there to say about Glossier’s Boy Brow that hasn’t already been said? This product is ideal for low maintenance brows (me). In just ten seconds you can use this to tame, thicken and fill brows, it holds all day and is easy to remove at the end of the day. If I only use one piece of make up a day it’s this.

Boy Brow wasn’t the only Glossier product that I went mad for this year, I loved Cloud Paint in Dawn. Could Paint is a cream blush with a LOT of pigment, at first I found it quite daunting but finally got the knack of it. It is perfect in the Summer as it gives a really warm glow and totally fakes sun-kissed cheeks which is perfect when you’re feeling pale.

We are massive fans of Rihanna here at the Pickled Gingers and when she released Fenty Beauty I knew that I would find my perfect highlighter. I was completely right to have faith and chose Match Stix in Blonde, it is golden delicious and adds a perfect glow for night time and in the summer. There are myriad shades to compliment every skin tone and the cherry on top is the ease with which they go on, just draw it on where you like and then rub it in and bingo.

What were your make up highlights from 2018? Let us know in the comments! Check back later for my favourite hair products from 2018.


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