The skincare roundup 2018

On one hand it feels like 2018 has flown by and I can’t believe that we are hours away from 2019 but the other hand feels like the the snowy winter, World Cup and glorious summer are in the distant past. Either way, it is the final day of December and I am going to take you through my year in skincare, make-up, hair, wellness and body. These posts will only contain products that I have found in 2018 so expect some new products and others where I was just late to the party.

First up is skincare. As ever, I have focussed more on skincare than make up when it comes to beauty because I am a firm believer that less is more. I have a few beloved favourites that I will use for as long as I can, including Weleda Skin Food, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil and Embryolisse moisturiser however I have picked up some firm favourites in 2018, see below for my hero products from the year.

Skin roundup.jpg

The Malin & Goetz grapefruit cleanser is the brand’s second bestselling item and it is clear to see why, it is brilliant and I am so glad that I bought it. It is a great morning cleanser, the scent really invigorates the skin as well as the senses (it smells really fresh without being too synthetic).

I wrote earlier in the year about my love for Bybi’s Hyaluronic Toner and it has not dimmed. It is so refreshing and definitely helps to plump skin.

I got a Beauty Pie account a few months ago and this Daily Antioxidant Super Infusion was the first thing that I bought and it didn’t disappoint. It is so good for living in a city as it works hard to protect against pollution and is full of anti-oxidants. My face is noticeably softer since using it.

Lixir launched late last year and the two products that I was most excited for were the Vitamin C Paste (which i have already proclaimed my love for) and Universal Emulsion. Vitamin C Paste is a miracle minute face mask which has saved my skin even on the most hungover of days and Universal Emulsion has become one of my favourite moisturisers ever. It is a very lightweight cream and sinks into your skin quickly but does all of the heavy lifting that a thicker cream should do. I mainly use it at night and wake up with super nourished skin. I have also recently started using their Electrogel Cleanser which is also beautiful.

My Nurse Jamie is definitely my favourite skin tool that I have added to my repertoire in 2018. I love using this in the morning to de-puff my tired face and make me look more alive. I also use this to really work my serums into my pores. This was also an absolute god send in the summer and it helped cool down my sweaty old face.

Late last year Glossier was finally available on these shores and hasn’t it been wonderful. Priming Moisturiser is my second favourite Glossier product (after Boy Brow) and it my ultimate daytime moisturiser. It is the perfect size for throwing in your handbag and travelling as well as leaving skin looking really natural and dewy and a post workout HERO product if I say so myself.

What are your favourite products from 2018? Let us know in the comments below and also what you’re looking forward to trying in 2019!








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