In-flight essentials for hydrated skin

By Devon

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that I spent the last week in San Francisco, but more on that later. For now I want to discuss the products that I used throughout the flight to keep my skin from looking dry, dull and on the verge of a breakdown.

I have heard horror stories about holiday skin after a long-haul flight and wanted to ensure that I avoided that as my pimples seem to stick around for ages (ugh). This made me all the more selective in the products that I used onboard, I wanted them to be ultra hydrating, scent free and easy to apply. This meant no cleanser as I didn’t want to wash my face in a tiny, tiny sink with inedible water, I also avoided my beloved Kiehl’s Daily Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Oil because the bottles can be fiddly and I didn’t have the liquid allowance.

Always in a trusty Glossier pouch.

Aside from skin products, I also wanted to ensure that I would be as comfortable as possible given the length of the flight. This meant that my favourite Ugg slippers got a ticket to ride along with my beloved Slip silk eye mask and a trusty Space Mask.

If you are planning to sleep I would heavily recommend a Space Mask.

I followed this routine every three hours or so, once straight after take off and right before landing.

So this trusty kit starts with Garnier’s Micellar Wipes, I’m not usually a wipe person but will always take them on board as they cleanse skin and form a perfect base for hydrating goodness, they are for sensitive skin so pretty much anybody can use them. Also, they’re really cheap and come in super handy if you run out of Micellar water mid holiday, ahem.

Literally the comfiest slippers ever!

Next up is Bybi’s Hyaluronic toner, I recently talked about all of the reasons why I love this product. A couple of spritz’s of this and my skin felt moist, dewy and completely refreshed. Then comes moisturiser.

I like to have a lightweight and a heavy duty moisturiser for different points in the flight. I used Weleda’s Skin Food from take off until two hours before landing to ensure that my skin was duly hydrated, although it’s super thick it is absorbed very quickly and doesn’t feel too heavy or gunky on the face.

A couple of hours before the end of the flight I switched to Glossier’s Priming Moisturiser, I use this moisturiser every morning in general, it is lightweight and makes my skin feel bloody lovely. As it is a priming moisturiser, when I finally got some fresh air, my face look pretty fresh (if I say so myself). If I didn’t have enough room for both moisturisers I would probably choose this one and slather it on twice as often.

This kit also includes an Aesop hand sanitiser for obvious reasons and a This Works Breathe In rollerball which I rolled onto pulse points to help me drift off to sleep. And lip balm, I hate to be anywhere without a lip balm, especially this one.

Other than that, all I can recommend is that you make sure you drink a lot of water and have a snooze if you get tired. A lot of people reckon you shouldn’t drink on a flight but I say f*ck it, you’re on holiday.

(If you’ve read this and want to plan your own trip but can’t decide where, take a look at the City Break to Krakow: The No-Nonsense Guide.)

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