5 reasons why I love BYBI’s Mega Mist

By Devon


I have been using BYBI’s Mega Mist since 1 January 2018 and not to sound like a groupie but this product is legit amazing. I’m getting to the end of my first bottle but this is one of those products that I can see myself buying again and again (and again). Here I am going to tell you why I love this product and why you will too.

1. One of the reasons that I love skincare is because I like not having to wear makeup everyday and still looking fresh (aka I’m lazy). Mega Mist is a hyaluronic acid toner, it’s super hydrating and leaves my skin looking plumper and softer. I say this with full confidence given that yesterday I used it on an 11 hour flight and I didn’t look like a gremlin when I reached my destination.

2. I am all about products that work and are easily entered into my everyday beauty routine. All you have to do is spray directly onto the face and rub in and then you can relax. It is absorbed into the skin really quickly so you don’t have to faff around with cotton wool and the like.

3. Speaking of products that are easily entered into my routine, my moisturiser is absorbed so easily on top of this product I can almost see my skin filling with goodness.

4. The stuff has lasting power; I have been using this toner twice a day, everyday since the beginning of the year and it is only now flagging. For £26 I’d call that completely reasonable.

5. I’m not usually a fan of scented products, especially on my face but this product somehow smells of something sweet that I loved as a child. I still can’t put my finger on it but it’s delicious. Also, it doesn’t linger which is great.

So there you have it, 5 reasons why Mega Mist should be your next toner.

Let me know if you’re loving any BYBI products or if you think you have a toner to rival Mega Mist.

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