Cycle at Another_Space


Fitness forward Another_Space has recently opened a new outpost in the City. Luckily for me it is around the corner from my office and they were offering a free class credit for all willing. I decided to take a spin class because a. I love to spin and b. I HATE HIIT.

I’m going to start by saying this is the swankiest gym that I have ever been to. (It was only a week old when I went but the folks at Another_Space seem like they’d keep up appearances.) The towels were exceptionally fluffy, they provided fresh cleats, they had Cowshed everything and even, very kindly, had a tray of tampons in the bathroom.


This was definitely the hardest spin class that I have taken, it came with hills, jumping, crouching, hand weights and a pace set by whichever house track was playing at the time. Basically I loved it, I have been to some classes where all you do is sit and stand and they are so boring, but this was such so dynamic and I can’t wait to go back. I definitely felt like I had had a superior workout to my weekly spin class at the gym and I was sweating buckets. Also, it was really, really dark in there so you don’t feel self conscious in the slightest and you almost feel like you’re in a bicycle themed nightclub which isn’t bad for a Tuesday lunchtime.

Me as red as a tomato an hour after the class.

Another_Space is pricey and I can definitely see why, it is gorgeous and the classes are second to none. I am going to take advantage of their introductory offer and then treat myself when I’m feeling flush.

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